Digital Fatigue

Eye Fatigue

Everyone stares at screens, but do you know the impact it causes on your eye health?

Either it could be a computer, phone, tablet, or any of the numerous VDU’s (Visual Display Units) we are constantly flooded with throughout the day, our eyes take the strain with very few trying to offset the impact.

Visual Display Units (VDU) Assessment

Taking a VDU eye test is imperative as long-term use of VDU’s is harmful to the eyes and most look at screens throughout the day. Get a VDU assessment for your eyes if you suffer from fatigue through causes such as:

  • Poor and infrequent rest periods
  • Low lightning
  • Bad and uncomfortable angles while working
  • Unchecked eyesight issues
  • Blurry vision and sore eyes

Any of the above conditions and more could cause eye fatigue from staring at a screen for too long. Those who are prone to VDUs also are at high risk of developing computer vision syndrome. Get your VDU eye assessment done by a professional to check if you are facing any problems. Based on the extent of exposure to screens, your eye care provider will recommend alternatives.

Tips for People Using Screens at Work

  • Take breaks often to rest your eyes for twenty minutes at a time. It is essential as spending hours staring at a screen is the most dangerous aspect of VDU.
  • Use reflection-free lenses as the VDU glare is visibly reduced, thereby providing more precise and sharper vision. Also, try using anti-glare screens for better comfort.
  • Do not use your screens in bright light mode, especially in dim light settings. Try and use a blue light elimination filter at night to reduce stress on your eyes. Avoid using tiny font sizes as well to strain your eyes less.
  • Blink regularly and avoid staring at the screen point-blank for too long as this causes your eyes to dry up and leads to further problems.
  • Get a regular eye check-up once every six months if you are a user of screens, as it is vital to catch illness early on.