Corporate Eye Care

Why Corporate Eye Care is Critical

Exposure to the computer screen over a length of time causes Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) which manifests in varying degrees of eye strain, blurred vision, red eyes and related symptoms. To test the extent of damage, make sure to visit your company’s eye camp for employees to get a check up.

For those under 40, CVS may be triggered by the inability of the eyes to remain focused on computer screens, and the frequent shifting of focus from the keyboard to the screen and vice versa – over a long period of time.

For those over 40, CVS is generally triggered by presbyopia – age-related loss of near vision.

Must-do for Corporate Eye Care

Eye Exam

Get your eyes checked every six months. Don’t forget to tell your eye expert at the eye camp how often you use the computer and digital devices, and how far your eyes are from the screen when you work on the computer.

Proper Lighting

Ensure there is no harsh daylight and indoor lighting when you are working on the computer. Avoid overhead fluorescent lighting.

Reduce Glare

Install and anti-glare screen on your computer. Ensure you have anti-reflective coating on your glasses – if you use spectacles or a pair of spectacles that protect you from harmful blue light. Ask your optometrist at your corporate eye care camp about how to protect your eyes better.

Replace Screen

Work on computers with flat-panel LED screens with an anti-reflective surface. Replace your old screen right away, if need to.

Change settings to ensure comfort

Brightness of your computer screen should be the same as that of your surroundings. Work in a font size that does not strain your eyes; best to use black lettering on a white background to ease of working. Reduce the ‘colour temperature’ or harmful blue light emitted by your screen.

Our Corporate Eye Care Module

At Lens and Frames we provide vision screening and eye camps for employees for several local corporates. This includes VDU screening, industry specific testing and full eye examinations.

We also offer a comprehensive range of safety spectacles, suitable for most types of industrial protection.

For more information please contact us and one of our team members will be delighted to reach out to you for the corporate eye care details and discuss this further with you in your workplace.