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Eye test at home: Does it work?

You may never even have considered getting your eye test at home. But the advantages are many, and yes, if you reach out to quality experts, it is safe and you may be assured of accurate assessments and treatment.

Advantages of a home eye check up

  • Save time and hassle: Check this – Only one out of five Indians does regular eye check-ups. This when most specialists will tell you that if you are below 40 you need to get your eyes tested every two years – or earlier if you have any specific problems. If above 40, it’s best you have an eye exam every year. Plan to test your eyesight at home – and you’re more likely to keep up this vital routine since it will be at your convenience!
  • Save yourself from germ exposure: The vaccine may be out, but the pandemic has made many extra cautious about crowding at doctors chambers. So, call the tried-tested optometrist and test eyesight at home.
  • An eye test at home is ideal especially for senior citizens or those with disabilities.

What to ensure when getting a home eye check-up

  • Credentials of the optometrist and the company you are reaching out to.
  • Don’t be shy about asking about the equipment they will bring with them. Does it cover all that they may have used during a check-up at the clinic?
  • To ensure it’s a one-stop activity, check to see if the company will provide you with a choice of lenses and frames to choose from during the home visit.
  • Will they deliver the ready glasses at your doorstep?

The Lens and Frames Advantage

Your convenience and comfort are out priorities – so we prefer to work with a confirmed plan in advance. To ensure quality care, we require a few details and convenient time to start the process of a home exam.

Our optometrist will contact you before the appointment to discuss your eye history and answer any questions you may have, and re-confirm your location and time slot.

We carry all equipment – big and small – required for the eye exam to your home. The equipment is customised to your home space.

Our optometrists come with impeccable qualifications and provide a detailed account of your vision, in turn allowing us to give you excellent eye care at your convenience. All who opt for in-house consultation will get a thorough analysis of their peripheral vision and scope of how well their eye muscles are working.

We offer lenses and frames across a wide range. Customised glasses are generally delivered to your doorstep within a few working days after placement of the order.

Any issues you may have with your spectacles can be immediately addressed at our store or by scheduling another home appointment.

Importance of regular eye check-up

  • Get the status update of your vision: The most obvious importance of regular eye check-ups is to ensure that your vision is optimum and you are able to function efficiently on a day-to-day basis.
  • Detect ‘silent’ eye conditions such as cataracts that often go untracked until too late.
  • Detect other serious ailments early and be able to ensure overall continued wellness.

A thorough eye exam lets doctors take a finer look at the blood vessels in your retina which bares the story of what is going on in the rest of your body. Any changes in your eyes are indicators of the on-set of bigger diseases including diabetes and hypertension, which can be better managed if they are caught early.

So, wake up and get going. For the best home eye check-up, Request an appointment with Lens and Frame right now, right here.